Tax Justice Digest: Candidates and Taxes

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Trump Child Care Tax Break: Good PR, But Bad Policy That Will Do Nothing for Low-Income Families
Presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this week announced a child-care tax break that offers nothing to the lowest-income, most vulnerable families, despite his claims to the contrary. Read more

Neither Trump nor Clinton’s Tax Plan Would Simplify the Tax Code
As this fall’s general election campaign gears up, it’s increasingly clear that the two major-party presidential candidates either aren’t prioritizing tax simplification (in the case of Hillary Clinton), or are only pretending to do so (Donald Trump). Read more

Trumps Tax Plan Raises More Questions Than It Answers
The Republican presidential nominee now embraces the higher personal income tax rate structure proposed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, and he also proposes a new tax break for child care expenses. Overall, however, the campaign has left many questions unanswered by releasing only limited details. This may be a deliberate strategy or a sign that the campaign has not fully fleshed out a revised proposal. Read more

Something Has to Give: Sustainable Revenue for Infrastructure Requires Gas Tax Increase
Louisiana hasn’t raised its gas tax in more than two decades, and it’s paying the price. The tax has lost 47 percent of its value. In written comments to the state’s gas task force, Carl Davis makes a sound policy argument for increasing the state’s gas tax. Read the comments

State Rundown: Avoiding a Race to the Bottom
This week’s Rundown features a troubling multi-state trend that would help shield the country’s wealthiest taxpayers from paying state income taxes, a message from voters about the Kansas tax cut experiment, and potential special sessions in Minnesota and Alabama. Read the Rundown here.

Puerto Rico and Section 936: A Taxing Lesson from History
Repealing the Possession Tax Credit was one of the few corporate tax-reform achievements in the 1990s. Bringing it back would be an expensive move in exactly the wrong direction. What you need to know.

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