New CTJ Report Explains How Congressman Delaney Misinforms about His Proposed Repatriation Holiday

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In July, a letter signed by thirty national organizations and a report from Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) both warned members of Congress about a proposal from Congressman John Delaney of Maryland that would have the effect of rewarding corporations that use offshore tax havens to avoid U.S. taxes. Rep. Delaney’s staff responded with a “rebuttal” that is itself based on misinformation about corporate tax law and about the likely effects of the proposal, which would provide a tax amnesty for offshore profits (often euphemistically called a “repatriation holiday”) for corporations that agree to finance an infrastructure bank.

A new report from Citizens for Tax Justice addresses each point made by Rep. Delaney's "rebuttal" as well as the myth that a huge amount of money is "locked offshore" and waiting for a tax break to lure it back into the U.S. economy.

Read the report.

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