Ohioans Battle Stormy Conditions

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Like many states, Ohio is experiencing the perfect storm. The Buckeye State has seen its revenues plummet while the need for government programs and services has increased. As a result of the November elections, Republicans took control of the Governor’s mansion and the House of Representatives, and added to their majority in the Senate. The new Governor and a “handful” of House Republicans have vowed to not raise taxes, even though the state is facing a multi-billion dollar shortfall.

A broad coalition of thirty organizations called One Ohio Now has come together to trumpet a message about the need for both tax increases and spending cuts instead of just relying on cuts alone to solve the state’s fiscal crisis.

In a recent press conference, Col Owens with Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio said, “We think in several months, particularly after the budget hits the table and people begin to understand very well what the problems are... that people will be coming to this conclusion with us."

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