Tell Congress: Don't Cut Off Help for the Unemployed and Slash Taxes for Millionaires!

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Congress is about to make a choice that will define this moment in history: Support those unemployed by this recession, or give tax cuts to millionaires.

Your Senators need to hear from you today! Please call right now. Tell them you're a constituent. Tell them it's outrageous for lawmakers to say we can't afford to extend unemployment insurance for people laid off through no fault of their own — even as these same lawmakers support extending the Bush tax cuts for the very richest Americans.

We don’t have a choice — if Congress fails to continue the unemployment programs, 2 million people in December alone will be left with no income. In the next five months it will be almost 6 million people. Local economies will be devastated if the unemployed have no income to spend in local stores.

Click on the link below and all the information you need to make the call will be provided.

Call Now

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