Hawaii Gubernatorial Candidates Agree On Most Fiscal Issues, Except Some of the Most Important

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Former US Representative Neil Abercrombie and Lt. Gov Duke Aiona are both running to be Hawaii’s next governor. Abercrombie recently said, “Government can and should work to spark the private economy, particularly during tough economic times. This has always been the case.” Aiona disagrees and says, “Government does not create jobs. We're not job creators," he said. "It's the private sector, as we know, that creates jobs. It's the small businesses that create jobs.”

Despite these seemingly different takes on the role of government, both candidates have committed to keeping spending at existing levels, not increasing the state sales tax and continuing to allow hotel room tax revenue to stay with the counties. 

Yet, all is not as amicable as it appears in the land of Aloha. Aiona has said that he would support reductions in both corporate and individual income taxes, if offsetting revenue were available, but it's hard to imagine where that revenue would come from without harming low- or middle-income families. So ultimately, there actually is a pretty clear choice between these two candidates on tax and revenue issues.

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