Federal Tax Policy and Election 2010: CTJ's Federal Tax Resources

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Over the past several months, CTJ has produced several resources that will help you to be informed about the tax issues at stake in the upcoming election. The first question many people will ask themselves on election day is, "What have the two parties done so far about taxes?" The second question is, "What do the two parties promise to do about taxes going forward?"

Our resources will help you answer both of those questions.

What Have the President and Congress Done So Far about Taxes?

The recovery act, which President Obama signed into law after it passed Congress without a single Republican vote in the House and just a few Republican votes in the Senate, cut taxes for 98 percent of working Americans. See CTJ's report and fact sheets:

President Obama Cut Taxes for 98 Percent of Working Families in 2009

State-by-state fact sheets are included.

What Do President Obama and the Congressional Democrats and Republicans Promise to Do about Taxes Going Forward?

CTJ has produced a report and state-by-state fact sheets comparing the impact of President Obama's tax plan and Congressional Republicans' tax plan on taxpayers in different income groups:

Comparing President Obama's Tax Plan and Senate Republicans' Tax Plan

CTJ has also created an online tax calculator that allows you to see how a given taxpayer would be affected by the competing tax plans.

CTJ's Online Income Tax Calculator

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