It's Nearly that Time of the Year... Sales Tax Holidays in the News

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Back-to-school time is just around the corner and with that comes the annual debate about sales tax holidays. States offering sales tax holidays typically won't collect sales tax for a specific number of days on items considered to be back-to-school items like school supplies, clothes, or even shoes. Of course, sales tax holidays do nothing to offset the regressivity of the sales tax the rest of the year, they are an administrative headache, costly for state governments, and very low-income people usually don't have the flexibility to shift their spending to take advantage of the holiday.

Despite recent headlines like "Illinois: Our very own Greece?" Governor Quinn signed legislation that allows the state to offer its first ever sales tax holiday for a ten day period in early August. The holiday is projected to cost the state between $20 and $67 million, which the state could certainly use right about now. It's hard to understand how offering this sales tax holiday is good fiscal policy.

In brighter news, Georgia is not having a sales tax-free holiday weekend this year. In a state facing its own budget crunch, the Speaker of the House said earlier this year, "What I hear Georgians say is they’d rather have their classroom teachers in the classroom teaching than have that sales [tax] holiday." This move is likely to save the state about $12 million.

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