Sign-On Letter for Organizations in Support of Refundable Tax Credits

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The Coalition on Human Needs is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations in support President Obama's proposals to make permanent some of provisions in the recovery act that expand refundable tax credits to help working families.

If you are authorized to sign on behalf of an organization, please sign your group onto this letter to preserve and build upon tax credits for low-income children, working families, and students.  The deadline is Friday, April 30.

Read the letter. 

Sign the letter. 

CHN is seeking local, state, and national organizations to sign this letter, which will be sent to every Representative and Senator in Congress.  Congregations, service providers, labor, civil rights, social action, policy, and advocacy groups are all asked to join the letter. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHERS IN YOUR STATE.  

Poverty and hardship are rising across the nation.  Tax credits can help families buy what they need, protecting children and boosting the economy too.  The Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and American Opportunity Tax Credit (for low-income college students) can make a real difference in providing income to millions of families.  But if Congress does not act, these tax credits will expire.  

Why it matters:  A family with two children with a parent working full-time at the minimum wage now receives about $1,750 from the Child Tax Credit.  If the current tax credit law expires, this low-income family will lose $1,500 — and receive only $250.  If the law expires, families with 3 or more children will lose up to $629 in their Earned Income Tax Credit.  And, if the law expires, low-income students will lose up to $1,000 to help with their college expenses.

At a time when unemployment is high, and near depression levels among people with little education, in communities of color, and in some urban and rural areas, this is no time to drastically reduce the help low-income tax credits provide.

The voices of local, state, and national organizations are needed to show Congress very strong support for preserving and improving these tax credits.  Please add your voice by signing this letter — and forward this request to other organizations.

Congress will act on extending tax cuts for the middle class, and must also decide about tax cuts for the rich and for business interests.  Please make sure they remember the millions of low-income families who need help the most — and whose help provides the biggest economic boost.


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