The Tea Party and Misconceptions about Taxes

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So who exactly are these "Tea Party" folks who have been protesting health care reform? We leave it to others to report on their more shocking behavior. But we'll consider the concept of "TEA" (taxed enough already) that seems to drive their world view.
David Frum (the scholar recently fired from the American Enterprise Institute for excessive honesty) sent interns into the tea party crowd to ask them some questions about taxes.
The accuracy of their responses was pretty dismal. When asked how much a family earning $50,000 a year pays in federal income taxes, the average answer was about $10,000. What's the real answer? After deducting the standard deduction and personal exemptions, a family of four owes only $1,965 in federal income taxes.
When asked whether federal taxes are higher, lower, or the same since President Obama took office, more than two-thirds of the group thought they were higher. The reality is that they are lower by every measure. For that working family, last year's stimulus bill reduced their federal income tax by $800.
As we reported last tax day, misconceptions about the level of federal income taxes are particularly common among those with anti-tax views.

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