Anti-tax and anti-government advocates seem to have captured a lot of the attention in recent months when it comes to organizing and public displays of attitudes toward government.  But backers of a robust government (and the higher taxes needed to fund that government) have been making their voices heard just as consistently.

The most dramatic example, of course, is the convincing victory of a variety of progressive tax proposals that were on the Oregon ballot this past January.  Another example recently highlighted in the Digest is the support for higher taxes among Utahns demonstrated by recent polling. And of course, there’s the $32 billion in state tax increases that various states’ elected representatives have enacted to help balance state budgets during this current recession.

A recent blurb that ran in the Montgomery Advertiser regarding a pro-tax, pro-education rally in Baldwin County, Alabama (hardly a traditional bastion of “liberal,” “big government” sentiment) provides yet another gentle reminder of the continuing support for government services that persists in the hearts and minds of so many Americans.  It may not be as eye-catching as the “tea party” shenanigans, but it represents an equally genuine expression of Americans’ feelings toward government.

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