Our Prediction: Property Taxes Will be Debated (Again!) in Georgia

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Our crystal ball tells us that Georgia legislators will spend a lot of time in the new year debating property taxes. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has responsibly studied this issue with several in-depth articles that dig through property tax data and look to nationally respected experts for their opinions.

This week, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers recently revealed portions of the reform package that is expected from the Senate committee he chairs. The proposed reforms include: overhauling the appeals process and prohibiting county assessors from setting a property's value higher than the sales price. The latter proposal would likely deal a tremendous financial hit to local governments, given the housing downturn.

In slightly brighter news, there doesn't seem to be much political will to actually eliminate the property tax altogether despite proposals put forward in recent years by prominent politicians, including former Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson. Stay tuned...

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