New CTJ Report Reviews and Compares Six Progressive Tax Options to Finance Health Care Reform

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Are you feeling confused about the myriad revenue options being discussed to finance health care reform? What's the difference between the President's initial proposal to limit itemized deductions and Senator Jay Rockefeller's proposal, which is similar but would result in less of a tax increase? What exactly is the Medicare tax reform included in an amendment filed by Senator Debbie Stabenow, and how does it differ from a similar concept described by CTJ several months ago? How would a "millionaires' surcharge" differ from the surcharge included in the health care bill working its way through the House of Representatives and, for that matter, what is a surcharge?

All these questions are answered in a new report from Citizens for Tax Justice. After describing each of six progressive tax proposals, the report compares their revenue impact and compares their distributional effects nationally and state-by-state.

Read the report.

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