We've already told you that there are plenty of ways to pay for health care reform without burdening working families and without harming the economy. We've already told you why an overhaul of the health system is worth paying for. And we've told you about how opponents of reform in Congress are using different tactics, but have the same goals, as the opponents of reform who show up at town hall meetings to heckle and threaten lawmakers.

The only thing left to do is to make sure members of Congress actually get this message. Many members are finding that their town hall meetings are packed with supporters of reform. Of course, the media often prefers to write about the meetings that turn into shouting matches between right-wingers and main-stream constituents. But there are stories coming out of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and New Mexico, to name just a few places, about town halls filled with people calmly explaining why health care must be reformed now.

We need to make sure more town hall meetings turn out like this, and we need to make sure that lawmakers get the message in every other way possible. Our friends at the Coalition on Human Needs suggest the following:

1. Call your Members of Congress toll-free, 1-888-245-0215. You'll be connected to the Capitol Switchboard; ask to speak to your Member's office. When connected, tell them you support health insurance reform.

2. Attend an event held by your U.S. Representative and/or Senators and write a letter to the editor about the meeting.

Here's a list of town hall events: http://chn.org/pdf/2009/HealthTownHallsAug09.pdf.
(We strongly suggest you call your Member's office to confirm the time and location before setting out for the meeting. Call too if you don't see details for an event near you).

You can use these sample letters to the editor to write to your local paper about the event: http://chn.org/pdf/2009/TownHallLTE.pdf.

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