With Progressive Options Now on the Table, California Tax Reform Commission Seeks Extension

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Charged with finding a revenue neutral way to reduce the volatility of California's revenue stream, the "Commission on the 21st Century Economy" recently expanded the scope of its study, and announced its plans to seek an extension until the end of September. This extension (the second sought by the Commission) comes after a successful bid by Commissioner Fred Keeley to add a variety of more progressive options to the discussion. The options to be discussed include: retaining the state's progressive income tax, removing Prop 13 limitations on commercial property tax bills, expanding the sales tax to include services while lowering the sales tax rate, taxing carbon based fuels, and making more careful use of a rainy day fund, especially in regard to capital gains revenue. Keeley's goal is to offer solutions to the state's volatile budgetary situation that don't involve gutting the state's progressive income tax.

This delay of the Commission's recommendations means that California legislators will not be receiving any advice from the Commission during this legislative session. This is an unfortunate development, as the legislature is clearly in need of some guidance. California lawmakers recently unveiled a plan to balance the budget by gutting the state's education programs, while refusing to increase any taxes.

Of all Keeley's proposals, the removal of Prop 13 limitations on commercial property taxes has received particular attention as of late, including an LA Times column detailing some of its abuses as well as its high cost.

Corporate lobbyists in Sacramento could be dealt another blow soon. An effort is underway to repeal by ballot (in November 2010) the billions in corporate tax breaks passed by California legislators over the course of the past ten months.

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