Schwarzenegger: A Flat Tax Proposal for California?

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Late last week, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a meeting with the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee, floated the idea of adopting a flat tax with a rate of 15 percent as part of a major overhaul of the state's tax system. While it is unclear which taxes the Governor would replace with such a levy, what is clear is that "flat tax" proposals are a bad idea.

As CTJ Executive Director Bob McIntyre made plain in his testimony before the California Commission on the 21st Century Economy recently, a "flat tax" almost certainly means that poorer taxpayers would be asked to contribute more to government finances and that wealthier taxpayers would be required to put far less into state coffers than they do now.

For a more productive approach to reforming California's tax system (and addressing the state's fiscal woes), see this recent commentary by Jean Ross, head of the California Budget Project.

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