Report from National Women's Law Center Focuses on Tax Policies that Support Families

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Earlier this week, the National Women's Law Center released the April 2009 update to its report, "Making Care Less Taxing," which describes available state and federal child tax credits and dependent care tax credits, analyzes how these credits help families, and discusses how they can be best designed.

The Center has been instrumental in providing information to help federal and state lawmakers find ways to support families and devotes this annual report to the often forgotten role that tax policy plays.

The report includes information on changes made to state and federal child and dependent care credits in 2008, including:

- Previously legislated changes to existing child and dependent care tax provisions in Oklahoma, Georgia and Louisiana that took effect for tax year 2008;
- Changes to the definition of "qualifying child" that affect the federal child and dependent care credit; and
- Highlights of new IRS regulations on the definition of "custodial parent" as it relates to separated or divorced parents who claim the federal child and dependent tax credit.

The National Women's Law Center also has resources for parents, advocates and service providers about the tax credits available for families at the federal level and in every state.

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