Arizona: Goose... Meet Gander

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So, let's suppose you live and do business in a state that faces a $3 billion budget deficit in the coming fiscal year, by far one of the largest in the nation. Imagine as well that your Governor recently took the responsible, if albeit vague, step of calling for a temporary tax increase to generate a $1 billion per year to address that deficit. What to do? Well, if you are the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, as the price of your fealty, you demand not just a tax cut, but multiple tax cuts. And not just any tax cuts, but tax cuts that benefit the very wealthiest state residents and the very largest of businesses.

Sound farfetched? Well, according to the Arizona Republic, it isn't. Just last week, the Republic reported that the Chamber had indicated it would support a sales tax increase, but only if "lawmakers [eliminate] the property-equalization tax and [take] steps to reduce the corporate income tax rate and capital gains taxes." In other words, the Chamber is fine with working Arizonans paying higher taxes, but only if its members get to pay lower taxes in exchange. Who could possibly object to that?

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