Progressive Tax Reform Gaining Steam in Missouri and Kentucky

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Last week Missouri lawmakers joined Tax Justice for a Healthy Missouri and the newly formed Long Spoons Coalition to hold a press conference promoting HB 567, a bill that would modernize Missouri's outdated income tax structure (the top $9,000 bracket hasn't changed since 1931) and produce needed revenue while cutting taxes on average for the bottom 60% of Missourians. It's fine time that this sweeping legislation receives attention from policymakers and the press.

A progressive tax reform proposal is also in the news in Kentucky, where some lawmakers want to balance their state budget in a progressive way, combining revenue-raising options with tax cuts for low- and middle-income folks. The Kentucky reform plan includes an Earned Income Tax Credit, new top rates and brackets, and broadening the sales tax base. The bill's sponsor will be meeting with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear about the bill's merits -- a meeting we hope goes well.

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