While presidential candidate John McCain has promised to make permanent the Bush income tax cuts for all Americans, his opponent, Barack Obama, promises to make them permanent for almost all Americans. A new analysis from Citizens for Tax Justice shows that only a small percentage of the taxpayers in each state would lose a portion of the Bush income tax cuts if Obama's plan is enacted. For these very rich taxpayers, Obama would repeal most of the Bush income tax cuts before their expiration date at the end of 2010. For everyone else -- for 97.5 percent of taxpayers nationally -- all of these tax cuts would be made permanent.

Obama proposes to make all of the Bush income tax cuts permanent for married couples with adjusted gross income (AGI) below $250,000 and unmarried taxpayers with AGI below $200,000.

Nationally, we find that only 2.5 percent of taxpayers will fall above the $250,000/$200,000 AGI threshold in 2009. The state with the largest percentage of taxpayers above this threshold is Connecticut (5.1 percent) and the state with the lowest is West Virginia (1.0 percent).

"Senator Obama wants to extend the Bush income tax cuts for 97.5 percent of taxpayers, and then enact more tax cuts for middle-income families," said CTJ director Robert McIntyre. "Obama even wants to extend a portion of the Bush income tax cuts for that richest 2.5 percent of taxpayers. Senator McCain defines a 'painful tax increase' as any plan that does not continue Bush's policy of giving huge tax cuts to these very richest taxpayers and having future generations of average Americans pick up the tab."

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