A new fact sheet from Citizens for Tax Justice clarifies some of the myths about presidential candidate Barack Obama's tax plan that have been perpetuated by the campaign of his opponent, John McCain. While CTJ does not think that new tax cuts will improve the lives of ordinary Americans, we do feel that the public should receive accurate information about the tax cuts both candidates are offering.

President Bush and his allies in Congress enacted tax cuts that are scheduled to expire after 2010. Obama would repeal the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 or 3 percent, which means that for years after 2010 there would simply be no change in the law for these taxpayers. For everyone else, Senator Obama would change the law to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and he also proposes many additional tax cuts for the middle-class. Even the richest taxpayers would enjoy some tax cuts under Obama's plan after 2010 that they would not receive under current law (a partial extension of the cut in the estate tax and a partial extension of the loophole for dividends).

Senator McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts but now insists that they must all be made permanent for all Americans regardless of how rich they are. The fact that Obama would not make them all permanent for the richest 2 or 3 percent has been falsely presented by the McCain campaign as "painful tax increases on working American families."

Both candidates also propose additional new tax cuts, but Obama's target low- and middle-income families while McCain's generally target businesses and corporations.

Read the fact sheet.

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