Georgia Group Promotes Sensible Options for Budget Troubles

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This week the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) issued a report, Deficit Reduction Step Two: Bringing Other Voices Into the Planning Process which calls for a special legislative session to deal with a projected $1.6 billion deficit, and details a sensible approach for addressing the state's budget situation.

According to the GBPI report, "The state has suspended or eliminated the hiring of new and replacement positions, all out-of-state and non-essential travel, all purchases of motor vehicles, and the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, and printing." But cutting government services isn't the only option available to cure the state's budget woes. Policymakers should hold a special session to consider the revenue-raising options that this report discusses, like a temporary income tax increase, eliminating special tax breaks, increasing the cigarette tax and reinstating the estate tax.

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