Maine Voters Must Decide Whether to Veto Health Care Funds

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This week the so-called "Fed Up with Taxes" campaign successfully gathered enough signatures to place an initiative on the ballot in Maine this fall. What important question are the voters being asked to decide? Whether they want cheap beer or healthcare.

The initiative will allow voters to decide whether to scrap the recent sales tax hike on beverages. The increase would have amounted to a $4 per gallon tax on syrup used to make soda in restaurants, a 42 cents per gallon tax on bottled soft drinks and a doubling of the tax on beer and wine to 54 cents per gallon for beer and 65 cents per gallon for wine. The drive to obtain signatures for the petition was led by a number of groups, who, according to Gordon Smith of the Main Medical Association, had an "unlimited bank account." Among those funding the petition drive were the beer and wine industry, beverage and soft drink associations, Coca-Cola, Maine's two largest chambers of commerce, the Maine Restaurant Association, the Maine Innkeepers Association, the Maine Tourism Association, and the Maine Merchants Association.

The tax raise came in response to the fiscal struggles of Maine's state-funded health care program, DirigoChoice. Members of the Maine Medical Association along with Democratic Majority leaders Sen. Libby Mitchell (D-Vassalboro) and and Rep. Hanna Pingree (D-North Haven) are leading the fight to preserve the tax, calling it a "corporate veto" of funding for an absolutely necessary but fiscally strangled program. Lawmakers say DirigoChoice will have to be funded in some way, regardless of whether the initiative is passed by voters. This means higher taxes elsewhere. If the tax is repealed by voters in November, 18,000 Mainers will be left without health care coverage and 40,000 additional individuals will see their health care costs rise. So Maine voters must decide whether to reject a "corporate veto" of an essential tax or face rising taxes elsewhere and seriously jeopardize the innovative state healthcare program and its beneficiaries.

A new report from the Maine Center for Economic Policy makes the case for preserving these new tax revenues -- and explains the merits of Maine's DirigoChoice program.

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