Minnesota Businesses Say Raise Taxes to Pay for Transportation

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Minnesota transportation and infrastructure needs have long been discussed and debated, especially in the wake of last year's tragic Minneapolis bridge collapse. As explained in a common sense editorial in the Hutchinson Leader, polling by theMinnesota Chamber of Commerce shows businesses know they need better infrastructure and that taxes are needed to pay for it. "Businesses rely on the transportation system to move freight efficiently and to get employees to work in a timely and safe manner. Growing congestion in the Twin Cities area as well as safety issues on Greater Minnesota roads (70 percent of highway deaths happen in rural areas) has created a significant problem for Minnesota businesses. The editorial also discusses the Chamber's plan for a tax increase to fund infrastructure . For too long business lobbyists have been the enemy of tax hikes, yet clearly some businesses in the North Star state understand the role that taxes play in their ability to meet the needs of their customers and employees.

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