Can a Tax Proposal Be Described in 13 Words?

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The latest weapon for people who believe in making it as difficult as possible to invest in the public good is rearing its ugly head in Washington State. Initiative 960 would change the state constitution to require two-thirds approval in both state houses, or voter approval, for all tax increases. The initiative would also broaden the definition of a "tax increase" to include "any action or combination of actions by the legislature that increases state tax revenue deposited in any fund, budget, or account." In a bizarre twist, any revenue change that was not approved by the people would earn a spot on the ballot - allowing voters to have their say in a non-binding advisory capacity. The description of these complex fiscal proposals in voter pamphlets would be limited to 13 words! For more on this confusing and harmful initiative, take a look at this report from the Washington State Budget and Policy Center.

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