Good News and Bad News in New York

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First, the good news. According to the New York Times, officials in the Empire State this week issued warnings to about a third of the roughly 10,000 businesses that participate in the state's enterprise zone program for failing to make good on job creation or investment commitments. The enterprise zone program offers a wide range of tax breaks - including sales tax refunds, property tax credits, and investment tax credits - to businesses in hopes that they will boost employment and investment in the state.

As the Times points out, the program has been around for twenty years - and has cost New York taxpayers $3 billion since 2000 - yet these warnings mark the first real effort to enforce the commitments businesses make to receive those tax breaks. For example, Wal-Mart and Lowes, two of the largest companies cited, pledged to invest $45 million and $9 million respectively, but together have put up only about $4 million. New York has the power to recoup tax breaks from businesses that fail to meet their commitments, but won't attempt to do so until program participants have filed their 2006 reports. Still, given the prevalence of these types of programs around the country - programs that are likely yielding similarly poor results - New York's action will hopefully spur other states or municipalities to do the same.

Now, the Bad News

Unfortunately, New York lawmakers haven't exactly been paying attention to the poor track record of the state's enterprise zones and how little the public got in return for the investment of tax dollars in this fashion. Otherwise, when the Yankees came to them looking for help in building a new stadium, they probably wouldn't have given them over $660 million in subsidies. (Just call it "The House that Giuliani Built.") The latest report from Good Jobs New York - entitled Insider Baseball - has all the details.

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