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Remember the President's Tax Reform Panel? If not, you're hardly alone. The President himself seems to have forgotten the panel too.

Just over a year ago the President appointed a bipartisan group of former legislators, professors, and economists to work together to come up with recommendations about how to reform our nation's tax structure.

The Panel's findings were issued on November 1 of last year - and seem to have all but evaporated.

Many of the findings weren't all that controversial. For example, the panel found that indeed the tax structure is too complicated. The Panel also worked to develop two concrete proposals for tax reform. You can read about those proposals here.

Citizens for Tax Justice and many other groups weighed in on the panel's findings. Obviously, with anything as controversial as broad tax reform there will be some debate and disagreement. But our President hasn't even engaged in the debate.

The Panel' co-chair, former Senator John Breaux is disappointed about the lack of attention the Panel's findings have received, and he's talking. Here's an article from Forbes magazine which details his opinions about the opportunity lost to all Americans because of the lack of attention the Panel's findings received.

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