Sam Brownback wants to use DC as his "laboratory."

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Given the Senator's hostility towards the scientific method, that is truly alarming.

Man, if anyone needed another example of why the District needs more autonomy from Congress (or at least some full-fledged Representation):
Mr. Brownback said that making D.C. a test case would, with limited potential for negative impact, provide valuable data about the effects of a flat tax that would prove helpful in determining whether it should be applied nationwide.
Of the flat tax, Mr. Brownback said: "We're going to hold some
hearings about what that might look like, and the District we can use as a laboratory."

The District of Columbia has the greatest income disparity between its poorest families and richest families of any major metropolitan area in the nation. Reducing taxes on the wealthy while increasing them on the middle class is not what is needed, to put it mildly.
Thankfully, this proposal would apply only to federal taxes, so it wouldn't necessarily risk destroying the city's finances, though if the plan put in place got rid of local tax deductability, it could make funding city services more difficult, though it's too early to tell how that will play out, at least from the article that I read.

Also, on matters of tax policy or otherwise, the District of Columbia is not a laboratory for Sam Brownback, or any other member of either chamber of Congress to experiment in. The District is a full-fledged major city, with a population size similar to Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont. The good news is that past attempts to implement similar schemes have failed. Also, the legality of such a bill would be highly questionable because it may amount to geographic discrimination, in violation of the 14th Amendment.

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