Long Term Financing! No Down Payment on Your Government Until The Year 20__!

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If only.

The estimable Max Sawicky explains (and here he further explains) the way that over the last 4 years, the White House and Congress have committed the compounded mistake of shifting the tax burden from the rich to the poor, even as they hold it off until the future. Harry Reid calls this the "birth tax." And we've described here how increasing our debt every year makes the government even more expensive to run, with less bang for our taxpayer bucks, each year down the line.

It's a familiar story, but it's falling on deaf ears. Max goes in depth and provides some good specific examples. Check it out.

CTJ has been on this beat for years. Here's our 2003 analysis. Look closely at the per-family costs of the debt versus the per-family "tax cut." This is raw deal economics at its worst, courtesy of President Bush.
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