Kansas School Funding: Round #3 (okay, really this is just the pre-game)

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A Mason-Dixon poll shows that a slight majority of Kansans believe that the court overstepped its bounds in the ruling to hike school funding. However, the same poll shows that a substantially larger majority of Kansans want the legislature to increase school funding. In other words, the message is clear to the far-right culture warriors: chill with the rhetoric and get down to business. The most favored method for raising the cash is by introducing a new gambling bill.

The Special Session will start on Wednesday.

Incidentally, with headlines like this one, does anyone else think people are trying to gin up controversy? I mean, folks are questioning the role of the court, but at the same time fundamentally agreeing with its ruling. Also, come on, with the State House as a back drop, 100 or so people doesn't make a very formidable "rally."

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