FY 06 Budget Whip Count

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When the budget resolution passed the House of Representatives last week, by a razor-thin margin of 214-211, not one Democratic voted for it. But here's the interesting part: 15 Republicans voted against it and 10 members of both parties didn't vote at all.

The 15 Republican defectors were:
Charlie Bass
Sherwood Boehlert
Mike Castle
Virgil Goode
Mark Green
Gil Gutknecht
Nancy Johnson
Tim Johnson
Walter Jones
Jim Leach
Frank LoBiondo
Jim Ramstad
Jim Saxton
Christopher Shays
Rob Simmons

The 10 non-voters (7 D's, 3 R's) were:
Clyburn (D)
Cunningham (R)
Doggett (D)
Filner (D)
Flake (R)
Ford (D)
Jefferson (D)
Paul (R)
Rothman (D)
Towns (D)

In the Senate, the only splitters were Chafee, DeWine and Voinovich.

Do any readers know why the defectors defected or why the abstainers abstained? There was a three vote margin, with seven Ds and three Rs not voting. So some quick math reveals that if all of the abstainers voted their party's line, it changes the outcome. I can only assume that votes would have changed then, had all members voted--keeping the result the same. So what's up?

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